Websites that help you earn more and work less.

Business owners, we know it…Running a business can be a headache, and your website can definitely soothe the pain, allowing you to focus on what matters the most like Growing Your Business.

Meet The SMW Method

If your website doesn’t help you earn more and work less, guess what…It does just the opposite because getting a website comes with a building cost and a maintenance cost. 

You don’t want to have a website that subtracts from your pocket and doesn’t add anything. You don’t want a website that increases your workload and doesn’t work for you. That means more expenses + more stress with no profits = A big no-no…

Your website should be like a productive and tireless employee who brings results and work 24/7 for your business even when you sleep. That’s what business owners desire and that’s why we’ve put together the SMW (Sales and Manager Website) Method. 

Here are the steps we take to implement it for your website project:

Setting Up Sales Strategy

We want your website to work as your salesperson and we brainstorm the best strategy for your project from day 1.

Management Strategy

What steps do you literally take to serve and help your clients? What challenges do you have in doing so? - Your website should help!

Website Plan & building

Based on the previous steps, we now work on a clear path your website will take to practically help you earn more and work less. We then apply the plan.

Building a website that helps your business doesn’t have to be confusing.You can lay the foundation in just one free strategy call and radically impact your business with a website that does more that just looking good and showing your services.

don't worry about the technical stuff

We deliver outstanding level of design and features that work together to help you achieve your goals.

Results: B&JK Increased Their Customer Base By 15% With No Additional Work

When we met Brenda Davies, CEO of BJ&K Family Solutions, she made it clear to us that she didn’t just need a casual website, but something that would actually help her get clients online.

We delivered the website and she was so in awe that she insisted on sending us a tip on top of what she’s already paid us…

What You Get

We got your back. From clients accidentally breaking their sites down to dealing with malicious traffic, we have seen it all as we went through the school of hard knocks of managing websites. We are prepared and will provide your website with the latest security protocol and advanced maintenance so that you can seat back, relax and grow your business while we take care of your website.

Forever Free Updates

Just like your favorite mobile app, your site needs to be constantly updated to ensure it runs smoothly as technology evolves.

High Speed Hosting

Your hosting provider has a huge impact on your page load speed. Here, your site is hosted in the world's most performing and secure data centers.

Backup and Restore

Always keep copies of your website in an external virtual storage facility. This feature is life saving in case something unexpected happens.

High Security Level

We protect your website against Distributed Network Attacks (DDoS) by connecting it to a global network designed to make your site secure, private, fast, and reliable.

free SSL certificate

This reassures your visitors that they can safely connect to your website. Otherwise, they will receive a warning that your site is not secure and go away.

Affordable Pricing

Our service has been modeled especially for small business owners who wants a professional looking website with a good ratio between price and quality.

Our Portfolio

We’ve let our work speak for itself, because results speak more than words. Click on the  sliding images to have a better view.

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What People Say?

“When I hired Mr Hilman in 2017 as an intern, little did I know that I was hiring someone who would revolutionize the company completely. In just 2 months, Hilman had taken away more than 30% of my work load. Not just because he was technically so good in web development, but because of his dedication and commitment. If you are looking at hiring Hilman, be ready to keep enough space for him, because he expands in knowledge very fast and will surprise you with his output. I am very ready to jump on the phone and talk about Hilman all day if you have some questions about him. ”
Dr. Stanley Mungwe
“ It has been an easy experience. I appreciate the fact that he walked me through all phases of the process and explained it all in basic English so that I understood what was going on. He even worked with me on the initial cost and set-up fee. Highly recommend.”
Brenda Davies
“ I have worked with Hilman for about a year on a project, he is the Manager Web Design and Development leader at ITKamer which is one of my strategic partners in digital marketing. He has exceptional skills, experience, and a maturity and understanding that makes him an asset and valuable to our team.”
Joe Quartana​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
"Hilman was amazing in all aspects! I am a medical doctor and author. He has helped me create a website that will promote and sell my eBook! I am so grateful to him for being so responsive and quick to make any changes I asked of him. I would recommend Hilman to anybody 100%!".
Dr. Doan-Christley
“Hilman always exceeds my expectations and blows me away with his reactivity and professionalism. I have worked with Hilman on many web development projects and he always delivers on time like a champion even when the time frames are short .I Highly recommend working with him, and I’ll call him back for future projects. My Star Web Developer!.”
Tanyi Melvis
" I contacted these guys when organizing GOSPEL SHOWBIZ SESSIONS and I was impressed by their quality and delivery performances. They always make sure their work matches our expectations and global vision. It was a great pleasure doing business with them. "
Christin Ambomo
Rapper Artist

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