About Us

Hi, my name is Evrard Hilman, I’m a Web designer and Project manager. My clients often want to know more about my background. I’m always happy to share my little story :-).

Everything I know today about building websites is thanks to my mentor and former employer Dr.-Ing Stanley Mungwe.

I joined his IT company back in 2017 as an intern, and in about a year, I became a manager in web design and digital marketing.

Dr. Stanley has worked for big tech companies like Google and IBM and I was fortunate enough to be exposed to such a great man who didn’t hold back on teaching me the high work ethic he learned from working with big tech companies.

This is what Dr. Stanley had to say about me:

“When I hired Mr Hilman in 2017 as an intern, little did I know that I was hiring someone who would revolutionize the company completely.

In just 2 months, Hilman had taken away more than 30% of my workload. Not just because he was technically so good in web development, but because of his dedication and commitment.

If you are looking at hiring Hilman, be ready to keep enough space for him, because he expands in knowledge very fast and will surprise you with his output.

I am very ready to jump on the phone and talk about Hilman all day if you have some questions about him.”

To read his full letter of recommendation, click here.